Structural Analysis 2 - Seminar - KME/SST2


Rozvrhové akce

Course objectives

Students get acquaint with the solution of
- basic and more complex statically indeterminate beam structures using the general force method,
- basic and more complex beam structures using the deformation techniques,
- basic problems according to the 2nd order theory of the beam structures,
- problems of beams on the elastic foundation,
- problems of stress in the rectangular thin plates.


1. Repeating investigation of internal bending moments in frame structures (use the principle of virtual work and Vereščaginova rules).
2. Solution of statically indeterminate planar beams.
3. The investigation of statically determinate spatial girders with using equilibrium equations in differential form.
4. Solution of the planar beam structures using general force method.
5. Continuation.
6. Solution of the planar beam structures using general deformation method.
7. Continuation.
8. Solution of the planar beam structures using a simplified deformation method.
9. Continuation.
10. Solution of the beams on the elastic foundation.
11. The second order theory at the beam structures.
12. Approximate solution of the rectangular thin plates.
13. Solution of the infinite plate in a one dimension, credits.